IMANI'S Secret Garden - Imani's Secret Garden presents all natural products.
Info. about the word "Type"
When a perfumer creates a new designer fragrance by combining different essential oils, naming it and copyrighting the name, the copyright is not on the essential oils. Therefore, we can combine the same essential oils and call our version of the fragrance 'TYPE' after the name of the designer perfumes.
There is also a difference between our oils and designer perfumes.  Our formulas use the best quality, more potent essential oils, with longer stating power.  The perfuming industry uses alcohol to stretch their fragrances, WE DO NOT.  Our imported or created 100% alcohol free perfumed oils are 65% to 93% more potent than any designer perfume in the USA.  The designer perfumes in the department stores have 65% alcohol and only 35% fragrance oil. The designer colognes have up to 93% alcohol with as little as 7% of fragrance oil.
At IMANI'S Secret Garden, we bring you only the best.
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