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Peppermint For The Day Keeps the Pests Away

The summertime is filled with great fun. Increased outdoor time. BB Q's, pool parties, along with beach time, and MOSQUITOES! One of those events is NOT a fun experience. Mosquito bites can make the most fun activity stressful and just down right annoying. Relax, the garden to the rescue. Mosquitoes, mice, and other flying pest absolutely hate peppermint! 
Take note with the following with other natural oils on the warfare again these disease and pet endangering pests. Their pesky deeds include everything from limiting the outdoor time we enjoy uninterrupted, by ruining a perfect outdoor event with days of itching welts remaining long after the encounter.

Hormones & Health

Hormones are necessary for balanced health; often times overlooked as the underlying causes of many conditions. 
OK we have all heard the jokes about PMS, menopause for women, along with loss of strength, virility for men and hair loss for both men and women. What could be at the root of these conditions? You guessed it imbalance of hormones.
These chemicals are natural occurring elements in our bodies. As we age imbalances can occur due to heredity, diet, weight gain and stress just to name a few.

Let The Sun Shine In???

What a great song! But to allow the sun access to your skin (unprotected)...not such a good idea. When I started Imani's Secret Garden it was and is my goal to live as close to nature as possible. The fear that most people have is it will be "expensive" or "burdensome" to be healthy. The alternatives seem to be more costly specifically poor health.
Did you know time:
Did you know there are two types of sunscreen protection? Did you know that one method actually increases your risk for cancer, shocked!

You Have Mud On Your Face

I know you recall that everything in Imani's Secret Garden, I use personally, including the Dead Sea Mud. This product is great for tightening skin for a more youthful appearance and deep pore cleansing!
The mud is a natural product and a necessity to any wellness and beauty regimen for the skin. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and is use to rid our body of toxins. The mud is the help we need in a polluted environment.  Dead sea mud has shown great effects on dry flaky skin, psoriasis, eczema, and acne as the minerals have a natural effect of reducing inflammation.

When The Store Comes To You

This Saturday June 7th kicks off the first event for the summer with Imani's Secret Garden. Join us in Woodstock, bring your friends and neighbors as the store will come to you!
As you can see you may shop with cash or credit. Be ready to have your senses tingled and tantilized for two whole days. Natural essential oils, designer fragrances, natural soaps, and butters all available for immediate sale.  We will be available at the Woodstock Market from Saturday June 7th 10:00 am-5:00pm and Sunday June 8th     11:00 am- 4:00pm.

Up Up And Away

Ever put on your fragrance and wonder where it went just a few hours later? I have used my products for over thirty years and always am surprised by compliments hours after applying my fragrance du jour!
Women may find using oil fragrance types much more economical, and pleasing and getting a bigger bang from your buck.
Most perfumes on the average last 1-3 hours, that is barely through lunch! In comparison oil fragrance types last a staggering 6-15 hours once applied.
The best method is to apply fragranced oil to freshly showered skin, (using a vegetable based natural soap from Imani's Secret Garden too), applying to pressure points.

Subject "S" Anatomy Of A Shopper Gone Virtual

Remember how shopping was in simpler times? A ride to the Five & Dime, going to the Mall with mom dad, and siblings for new shoes, winter coats, depending on your geographic region? Walking through different departments, kids toys, dad in lawn and garden, mom was just everywhere cataloging the family needs. Or if we roll the years back a few clicks searching in a catalog for everything from appliances to fine linens and new shoes for the family!
Have things really changed? Buying online has indeed changed, how, when and if we shop.

Is That For Me?

Gift giving requires understanding of the mental and emotional benefits of gift-giving. Are you one of those gift givers who give and expect nothing in return? The innate desire to receive when we give is not uncommon. No matter the gift, people want to receive. Giving a gift is a universal way to show interest, appreciation, and gratitude.
The anticipation of opening a box, bag or card selected solely for you makes time stand still just for a moment. 
Gifts can also bring on feelings of negativity for both the giver and recipient when the gift is much more or much less than they expected.

Cannibas Is It A Cancer Cure, Superfood, Or Dangerous Drug?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask. Medical professionals and politicians have similar objectives with heated debates from the general community. Their goal is to maintain sobriety, and keep marijuana out of the general public; but at what cost to health and wellness of our society? You may remember my earlier blog referencing how our diet, environment, household cleaning aids and beauty products impact our overall health. We face the danger of disease through exposure to toxic substances daily just by cleaning our homes,feeding our families processed goods, or using soaps and lotions containing toxic chemicals, dyes and preservatives.

Our Business Is Your Pleasure

Imani's Secret Garden exists to provide quality products at an affordable price to our customers. It is our pleasure to share information and products that encourage wellness from head to toe and inside and outside.
Sure, I bet you are thinking, all companies say that. Well today I found myself in the shoes of the customer. I had to purchase a product online that I have never bought over the Internet. The companies were all new to me, some large, others  private. The product descriptions were varied, some promising the moon, some clear and some not so easy to understand making me unsure if I could trust a favorable customer experience.
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