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Are Body Oil Fragrance Types Fake Perfume?

Fewer beauty products have received the stigma attached to essential, or fragrant body oils.Those new to this product know little about the value, origin or potential health and economic benefit they bring. After thirty some years of enjoying these benefits I would like to share a few with you today hopefully dissuading your negative image of this wonderful product. Some of the myths are:
You can tell a fake oil because all real oils are thick, true or false?
False. Thickness or thinness has absolutely nothing to do with oil quality or scent intensity. For example, Egyptian Musk is traditionally a thick oil, but has a very mild fragrance. Sudanese Coconut has a very thin consistency, but also has an extremely strong fragrance. Temperature effects the consistency of oil also, along with light. Oil has a longer shelf life without alcohol or other additives.
Perfume oils are better than body oils or fragrance types and cost more for this reason, true or false?
False. These are different names for the same products. The cost  of oils are variable based on the retailer and "grade" of the oil. There are two types of oil, one to be used on the body, and the other for making products. Generally the grade is of less quality for the oils used specifically in making other products.  Retailers pricing ranges are based on packaging and quality with averages of $4.00 for a dram and higher.
Body Oils are fake perfume, true or false?
False. Body oils at Imani's Secret Garden are for use on the skin and of the highest quality. We do not cut or dilute our oils. Our oils are as manufactured with perfume oil placed in a carrier oil. Perfume or cologne is the perfumed oil at 10%-20% plus alcohol. Body oils are the perfumed oil without the alcohol or other fillers. Nature cannot be patented, so the mixture of florals, spices to make a scent is still original and not a fake or knock off. The packaging and brand are the trademark, and for this reason oils modeled after these items are described as types. See our website at for further information on type definition.
Why should I buy body oil instead of perfume?
Perfume, cologne and body oils are used for the same purpose, to enhance our lives with natures bounty. Whether your fragrance type is floral earthy, spicy, or exotic the earth provides the origin of your preference. Body oils have longer staying power as they are the beginning of the fragrance manufacturing. The carrier oil provides staying power past the end notes of alcohol based perfumed, not due to lack in quality but the composition, simply alcohol evaporates taking the fragrance with it, oils do not. Oils are in place in your skin pores until rubbed away, at a fraction of the cost.
Well what do you think? Quality, staying power and economically beneficial are all experiences those of us using oils as fragrance have enjoyed. Come join us, shop online: The "s" means secure, we do not sell or maintain your credit information. We do enjoy the welcomed emails of satisfaction our services provide. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how you feel about us and our products!

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Stock Cash Tips on Monday, June 15, 2015 1:01 AM
It's glad to see good information being conveyed. It’s a very nice written, and I really like this blog. Thank you for sharing this info.
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uk essay order now on Thursday, August 09, 2018 7:31 AM
There are many points of the clash in this blog post. I really don't agree with you at certain points because over usage of beauty products can be damaging for skin and eventually it can affect your body as well.
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