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We Mix Like Oil & Water
Not Tonight Honey I Have A Headache....
Best Chances For Sleep?
Standing On Your Own
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Healthy lifestyle, natural products, skin care, fragrances
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Healthy lifestyle, natural products, skin care, fragrances

We Mix Like Oil & Water

Hmm after a few decades of life I can think of a few instances where that statement holds true. But we are going to focus on oil...something I know a little about.
Ever put oil in a container where water is present? Notice how the oil segregates itself in individual little balls? Shaking the liquids violently fuses them or makes the separation appear gone but they never really mix totally.
I bet you are asking, "how does using essential oils in bathing work?" I am glad you asked. Taking only a few drops of oil mixed with a dispersing agent, like milk, Epsom salt, and a fine grain  salt called dendritic as a few examples allows you to reap the benefits of essential oil fragrance baths.

Not Tonight Honey I Have A Headache....

There are times when our libido is not where we would like it to be for various reasons. There are many causes for decreased libido resulting in sexual dysfunction. Many people use the "little blue pill." Still others what a natural cure or remedy. Are you thinking, "what, essential oils can help this?!"
Physical and emotional factors cause a drop in sex drive. Specifically, stress, depression, obesity, and imbalance in male and female hormones. Aromatherapy, and topical application is the common method for using essential oils to combat under-active libido balancing anxiety, emotional well being as major factors in decreasing sex drive.

Best Chances For Sleep?

We all have times when we experience difficulty sleeping. I am not a pill person so essential oils are a great solution for this problem. There are 8 oils with the effect of relaxation. 
Lavender, Veviter, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Roman Chamomile, Marjoram all have great qualities for relaxation. Topical or diffuse them for the same effect. 
Sleep is important for maintaining balance in the body. Too little sleep will cause a rise in blood pressure, weight gain, and mood instability.

Standing On Your Own

Sometimes standing on your own can make you feel so small in a very large world.
Decades ago I adopted a lifestyle designed to support and maintain wellness. Nutritionally, what I put into my body and what I placed on my body made me an outsider.
I formed Imani's Secret Garden to build a community of support for standing against the grain of processed "everything."
The earth provides naturally for our wellness.
Using essential oils as opposed to chemicals made to treat disease, or botanicals for skin moisturizing makes some stand out in their decision-making.

Are Body Oil Fragrance Types Fake Perfume?

Fewer beauty products have received the stigma attached to essential, or fragrant body oils.Those new to this product know little about the value, origin or potential health and economic benefit they bring. After thirty some years of enjoying these benefits I would like to share a few with you today hopefully dissuading your negative image of this wonderful product. Some of the myths are:
You can tell a fake oil because all real oils are thick, true or false?
False.Thickness or thinness has absolutely nothing to do with oil quality or scent intensity.

Glad To See You Again

When I began Imani's Secret Garden over three decades ago my goal was to create an experience that people would get used to and want again. I did then as I do now, keeping my product and information easily accessible to those interested in living a healthier existence. Maintaining a fair price with exceptional quality is key to seeing my customers again.
I was one of the first vendors to create a brochure, with information on nutrition, and health benefits of essential oils, and natural products.

Peppermint For The Day Keeps the Pests Away

The summertime is filled with great fun. Increased outdoor time. BB Q's, pool parties, along with beach time, and MOSQUITOES! One of those events is NOT a fun experience. Mosquito bites can make the most fun activity stressful and just down right annoying. Relax, the garden to the rescue. Mosquitoes, mice, and other flying pest absolutely hate peppermint! 
Take note with the following with other natural oils on the warfare again these disease and pet endangering pests. Their pesky deeds include everything from limiting the outdoor time we enjoy uninterrupted, by ruining a perfect outdoor event with days of itching welts remaining long after the encounter.

Hormones & Health

Hormones are necessary for balanced health; often times overlooked as the underlying causes of many conditions. 
OK we have all heard the jokes about PMS, menopause for women, along with loss of strength, virility for men and hair loss for both men and women. What could be at the root of these conditions? You guessed it imbalance of hormones.
These chemicals are natural occurring elements in our bodies. As we age imbalances can occur due to heredity, diet, weight gain and stress just to name a few.

Let The Sun Shine In???

What a great song! But to allow the sun access to your skin (unprotected)...not such a good idea. When I started Imani's Secret Garden it was and is my goal to live as close to nature as possible. The fear that most people have is it will be "expensive" or "burdensome" to be healthy. The alternatives seem to be more costly specifically poor health.
Did you know time:
Did you know there are two types of sunscreen protection? Did you know that one method actually increases your risk for cancer, shocked!

You Have Mud On Your Face

I know you recall that everything in Imani's Secret Garden, I use personally, including the Dead Sea Mud. This product is great for tightening skin for a more youthful appearance and deep pore cleansing!
The mud is a natural product and a necessity to any wellness and beauty regimen for the skin. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and is use to rid our body of toxins. The mud is the help we need in a polluted environment.  Dead sea mud has shown great effects on dry flaky skin, psoriasis, eczema, and acne as the minerals have a natural effect of reducing inflammation.
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