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Holiday Shopping
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Holiday Shopping

Getting It All...

Well friends it is that time giving season. No matter what your holiday observance, this time of year can be fun and stressfull at the same time. How do I shorten my gift list and not offend? How do I show my affection and not break the bank? What will I eat after the holiday season? Video games and clothing are not very appetizing even with condiments! The sting of those post holiday shopping credit card payments can bring you down!
I have learned over a period of years that you

It's That Time Again

Well, here we are again, entering the gift giving season. The strategy is to save, budget, avoid gridlock at malls, and be safe. Getting the items of value for your loved ones is the main goal.
Value equals the happiness the benefit of receiving an expression of your kindness brings. Personally selecting items with loved one's preferences in mind can be a daunting task while following strategic actions. 
Enters E-commerce or aka online shopping. Multiple discounts for new products, discounts on shipping, and overall purchases all designed to attract you to their sites.
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